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6207 N Houston Rosslyn Rd. Houston TX


Miscellaneous Progressive Material Coating and 3 coursing


6207 N Houston Rosslyn Rd. Houston TX

Project Size/Scope:

Building size is 260,000 sqft

3 course and silicone coat all horizontal seams, skylights, penetrations, and miscellaneous coating of severely rusted standing seam panel areas.

Project Description and Challenges:

The most challenging aspect of the job is coordinating with the building owner who is our direct client, and then also with the tenants since there are certain safety requirements due to the manufacturing plant being a 24/7 facility. We had to wait to perform certain coating aspects when the plant was shut down for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays to make sure some equipment was not operational while we were performing work.

Products Used:

Progressive Materials Silicone

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