Harris County Joint Processing Center

Houston, Texas

Type of Work: Waterproofing, High-Temp., and Joint Sealants

Architect: PGAL

Scope of Work: Harris County Joint Processing Center is a 3 story building in downtown Houston. Being a government facility, the waterproofing system and installers were required to be Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) accredited. Auditing/testing procedures were to be done every day and/or percentage complete. Where as many buildings typically have sheathing 75% with probably 25% CMU Wall, this building was built vise-versa creating a challenge with such a porous substrate. ABAA requirements and testing’s are that much more strict not just with the waterproofing system but, also with its substrate finish. Communication was key between masons, general contractor, and the Walton Team.

The overall waterproofing system used is WR Meadows AirShield LMP air barrier with AirShielf flexible flashings. The through-wall flashings are Hohmann & Bernard copper flashings. Henry 200HT high temperature membrane was used at the canopies that wrap around the building. Below grade tie-ins and at planter retaining walls consisted of Tremco 250GC. For masonry control joints, Dow 795 was the final work to close out this job.

Products Used: WR Meadows- AirShield LMP, AirShield | Henry- 200HT |Dow Corning- 795 | Tremco 250 GC

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