Industrial Neon Signs

6223 St. Augustine St. Houston TX 77021


Modified Bitumen


6223 St. Augustine St. Houston TX 77021

Project Size/Scope:

Replace 4 squares of modified bitumen roofing, install Densdeck coverboard, replace entire plywood decking, reinforce rotted 2” x 12” rafters, install perimeter gutters and taper existing downspout to create flow of gutter rain water.

Project Description and Challenges:

Industrial Neon Signs is a metal fabrication sign company. Challenges included client had their customer project signs situated throughout jobsite and had a massive AC chiller on top roof which had to be craned to and from roof as well as electrical and ac lines manipulated accordingly. Even though a smaller roof replacement, there were a few entities involved: ac manipulation as well as customer products throughout jobsite.

Products Used:

Supreme modified bitumen roofing

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