John F. Ward Elementary School

1440 Bouldercrest, Houston, TX

Type: Modified Bitumen (Cold Process Application) and Standing Seam Metal

Project Size/Scope:
44,600 sf; partial reroof.
Remove old membrane. Add 1.5” of insulation & recovery board to existing system, and install new two-ply modified bitumen membrane in cold-process adhesive.

61,100 sf; partial reroof.
Remove old standing seam metal roof. Add 1.5” of insulation & recovery board to existing insulation, and install new double-lock standing seam metal roof system.

Products Used:
Modified Bitumen Roof:
Firestone SBS Base and SBS FR UltraWhite cap sheet applied with MB Adhesive.

Standing Seam Roof:
Berridge 24 gauge prefinished steel “Double-Lock Zee Lock” roof system.

Metal Accessories (fascia, gutters, and downspouts)
Shop-fabricated components using Berridge prefinished aluminum sheet.

Project Description and Challenges:
Project involved replacement of old roof systems damaged during previous hail events on an active elementary school nestled in a large residential area.

Building design presented access issues for significant portions of the roof, requiring some atypical methods to move material on and off the roof. Length of metal roof panels (over 75’) required carefully coordinated use of metal roll forming machines from elevated positions to deliver seamless full-length panels directly onto the roof without damage.

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