Lee College-Rundell Hall Building

Baytown, TX 77520


Small Repair


Baytown, TX 77520

Project Scope:

This building is experiencing moisture infiltration at multiple entry points. Water is entering through multiple windows and through the roof. Our repair crew will cutout, re-tool and reseal all suspected windows. Spot repair and reseal deficiencies on the roof and water test base flashing, curbs, and penetrations. Reseal if water test is successful.

Project Description and Challenges:

The shape of the building is a logistical challenge. The repair areas are in two separate areas on different sides of the building. The roof is a TPO membrane. The overall age of the roof is the cause of the ongoing leaks that were in question requiring us to perform a water test investigation. Many years of harsh UV damage and wind/ rain have contributed. Also, this is a school so we had to communicate with security to gain access to the building through the team’s covid-19 safety measures.

Products Used:

Master Seal NP1 Grey- Elastomeric, polyurethane sealant for interior and exterior use.

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