National Guard – Ellington Field

11210 Blume Ave, Houston, TX 77034

Type: PM Materials Coating over Modified Roof

Project Size/Scope:
Approximately 220 sqs, We began by pressure washing roof surface to remove any dirt and debris and prep for coating, we also did detailed work on all penetrations and horizontal seams before applying Progressive Materials High-Solid Silicone to roof.

Products Used:
Progressive Materials High-Solid Silicone Coatings

Project Description and Challenges:
This project had a coating application and installing Stainless Steel gutters and downspouts. The top roof had solar panels covering most of the roof which is why a white reflective coating would not only help them with energy consumption inside the building but also attract sunlight to the solar panels. On the gutters we had to do some custom pieces to match the profile of the existing wall panel and roof height which was a challenge but nothing that our Sheet Metal department couldn’t handle.

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