Sam Moon Metro Park

Shenandoah, Texas


Scope of Work: Sam Moon Metro Park is a five (5) buildings near the Woodlands area. Waterproofing membrane consisted of UV Rated fluid applied membrane behind Stone and Wood Veneer. Sheet Metal flashing and trim at through wall, store front, and dissimilar transition locations. Silicone joint system applied onto dissimilar materials at building veneer. Two component urethane joint system at landscape paving. Expansion joint cover system from existing buildings to new buildings allowing movement of the buildings. Water Repellent applied at stone veneer.

Products Used: WR Meadows- AirShield LMP (Black), AirShield | Dow Corning- 795 | Sika- Sikaflex 2C-NS | MM Systems- FX-L-2, SCE-400 | BASF- H400

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