St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church 2

6800 Buffalo Speedway, Houston TX 77025

TPO Layover on top Modified Bitumen (Asphalt)

Project Size/Scope:
3700 Sqft Modified Bitumen Roof. TPO layover included power washing roof, apply dual tank adhesive to substrate, install TPO to substrate, flash walls, penetrations and AC curbs, install new gravel guard to perimeter roof edges, Install slip sheets under splash blocks, and HVAC equipment pumps.

Products Used:
Firestone 60 mil TPO

Project Description and Challenges:
St. Vincent De Paul is a Catholic school and church facility with multiple roof facets, elevations, and roof types. This is a layover job to save the customer funding versus performing a total replacement.
Challenges included, manipulating building materials around other contractors on site since clients were performing other repairs to facility including HVAC and total interior re builds. Additionally, there 3 large HVAC chillers, pumps, and heavily damaged prior ducting that was delicate to manipulate to perform TPO layover.

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