St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church

6800 Buffalo Speedway, Houston TX 77025

Type: TPO Layover on top Tar & Gravel

Project Size/Scope:
13800 Sq. ft. Tar & Gravel Roof. TPO layover included sweeping loose gravel, mechanically fasten ½” fanfold over metal decking, mechanically fasten 60 mil TPO over fanfold, install termination bar after flashing up vertical walls, install gravel guard at perimeter edge.

Products Used:
Firestone 60 mil TPO

Project Description and Challenges:
St. Vincent De Paul is a Catholic school and church facility with multiple roof facets, elevations, and roof types. This is a layover job to save the customer funding versus performing a total replacement.

Challenges included, manipulating building materials around other contractors on site since clients were performing other repairs to facility including HVAC and total interior re builds. Additionally, there was metal decking that was compromised that had to be replaced before overlay could be performed.

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