Wells Fargo Building

6161 Savoy Houston, TX 77036

Project Managed: by OCR Real Estate

Type: Parking garage expansion joints play a critical role in the proper functioning and preservation of parking structures. To work properly, they must be waterproof, handle vehicle and pedestrian traffic, handle thermal movement, live load deflection, and seismic movement. Parking garage, or car park, expansion joint sealing. It results from a collaborative process between engineer, contractor, manufacturer and owner.

Project Size/Scope: Remove existing failed expansion joint and replace with a expansion joint material that will allow the structure to move and seal the joint from allowing water to intrude to the parking spaces below.

Project Description and Challenges: Very busy parking garage, Walton safely barricaded the work area from vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Walton teamed with SSI reps to insure the material was installed to manufacture’s specifications

Products Used: We used Dow Corning 902 RCS Joint Sealant to seal this expansion joints. Dow Corning 902 RCS is rapid-cure, self-leveling, two-part silicone rubber sealant. It functions as both weather proofing and structure expansion joint.

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