RoofAware Proactive Roofing Solutions

Maximize roof performance and lifecycle longevity.

What is RoofAware?

RoofAware provides proactive roof asset management solutions and service plans for building owners, property managers, & investors. RoofAware plans are designed to help you protect and capture the entire useful life of your roofing assets. With a strong focus on reliable data, RoofAware can help you better manage your roofing asset needs and meet your overall financial goals.

Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Our roof inspections are the foundation of each RoofAware service plan. Data collected during each scheduled roof inspection paves the way for clarity and efficiency in managing your roofing assets.

Our RoofAware+ service & maintenance plan is designed to help you get the most out of your existing roof systems. We help you keep your roofs watertight and forecast budgets for vital repairs and replacements.

  • Keep your roof in optimum health, so you have one less thing to worry about
  • Detailed inspection reports bring your roof down to you
  • Preventive maintenance can help maximize the useful life of your roof
  • Routine inspections enable us to identify small issues before they can develop into more costly matters

Warranty Requirements

Did you know that most major US roofing manufacturers require at least one documented roof inspection and maintenance visit per year to maintain your warranty? With our RoofAware+ service plans, we work to keep you compliant and protected throughout the life of your roof and its warranty.

RoofAware Online Portal

Online Data & Reports

Access your RoofAware data & reports from anywhere you have an internet connection.


Gain access the tools & data you need to forecast your emergency, remedial, & capital budgets.

24/7 Online & Mobile Dispatch

Dispatch new work orders from your computer or mobile device 24/7/365.

Manage Service History

All repair and project history is well documented and accessible via your RoofAware client portal.

Online Dispatch Management

  • Easily access and review the complete service history of your entire portfolio
  • Track all of your work orders from initial dispatch to resolution

Package Style Dispatch Tracking

  • RoofAware keeps you notified, so you always know the most current service work orders
  • Dispatches are tracked and time stamped at every step
  • Email confirmations keep you and your tenants in the loop
  • Invoices are quickly processed after you receive your “resolved” notification.
  • Dispatched
    04:13 PM CST

  • Arrival ETA
    04:50 PM CST

  • In Progress
    05:01 PM CST

  • Resolved
    05:35 PM CST

  • Confirmed
    05:42 PM CST

Detailed Roof Inspections

Our comprehensive and easy to follow RoofAware inspection reports allow you to quickly understand the true condition of your roofing assets.

Conditions and Recommendation

Understand the grade of your roof & the remaining useful life of your roofing asset

Roof Composition

Document test cuts & roof compositions

Proactive & Emergency Deficiencies

View snapshot condition grading of your roof's membrane, flashings, & sheet metal components. Each roof deficiency is assigned a priority (remedial/emergency) to help you better maintain the health of your roofing system. See the location of each deficiency pinned on a satellite overview image of your facility's roof. RoofAware inspection reports include easy to understand repair descriptions and suggested corrective actions.

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