609 Main St. Garden Roof

Type of Work: Garden Roof, Waterproofing and Sheet Metal

Architect: Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc.

General Contractor: D.E. Harvey Builders

Scope of Work: Garden roof with custom pavers on levels 12 & 13. Guardian (Lock-Down) pavers with hot rubberized waterproofing on levels 49 & 50. Vehicular Grade Traffic coating on 4th level parking garage over finished lobby. Pedestrian Grade Traffic coating at various mechanical and equipment rooms. Elastomeric flashing at interior mechanical rooms. Inverted standing seam metal roof in tunnel between adjoining buildings. Waterproofing at interior of rainwater collection tank. Fluid-Applied Membrane waterproofing at lower level locations. Self-adhered membrane waterproofing behind metal wall panels at level 49 & 50. Waterproofing at water feature in lobby.

Project Description and Challenges: Working on a 50-story high rise project, trying to obtain a realistic but highly optimistic schedule requires full-time supervision and dedicated crews due to work taking place at so many locations throughout the project. Providing enough manpower to meet the schedule and working with so many products that will be final finish products that need to be aesthetically appearing has been a challenge.

Products Used: American Hydrotech – Garden Roof, Hanover – Pedestals, Neogard – Traffic Coating, Carlisle – EPDM Flexible Flashing, Gaco Western – Water Collection Tank, Berridge – Standing Seam Metal Roof

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