Sheet Metal & Metal Roofing

Sheet metal is metal formed into thin and flat pieces. It can be cut, bent, and shaped into a variety of different shapes. Sheet metal has applications for roof and gutters for buildings/structures.

Metal roofing comes in a variety of patterns, including Straight, Curved, and Barrel. These types of roofs can be installed with exposed or hidden fasteners. Metal coverings can be very attractive and they are typically made of aluminum, copper, or steel and come in a multitude of colors. These systems are one of the longest lasting roof systems available when properly installed and have low maintenance needs and costs.


Sheetmetal Fabrications, Installations & Repairs for:

– Gutters & Downspouts
– Roof Flashings & Components
– Counter Flashing
– Collector Heads
– Metal Wall Panels
– Metal Building Renovation
– Custom Architectural Sheet Metal
– Decorative Metal Fascia
– Trim & Soffits