The Sealy & Smith Foundation

2200 Market St., Galveston TX 77551

Type: Silicone coat over on walls and existing roof with an epoxy coating on cement floor.

Project Size/Scope:
The areas involved are on three separate roofs consisting of 6,850sqft. Two of the roofs are currently acrylic coat overs. The potential client wants a silicone coat over on these two roofs. These roofs are located on floor 1. The third roof is currently just cement. The potential client requested a three part hypoxi coat over the cement floor. This area is located on floor 8. On the 8th floor the client requested water proofing four walls with silicone. He requested a curb be added inside of the entrance door to prevent future flooding and repair/replace rusted curbs and rusted louvered vents.

Products Used: Sikadur 300 & Sikadur 30

Project Description and Challenges:
Multiple levels and multiple products to apply were some initial challenges. One of the roofs access was only through a side door in an office with a magnetic lock. Field labor had to make their way through the office respectfully and during hours of operation. The removal of the old coating on the 8th floor was very labor-intensive due to the decomposition of the older product. Every piece had to be removed in order to create a manufacture approved substrate.

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