Texas Summer Heat and Your Commercial Roof

Extreme heat can have a detrimental effect on your commercial roofing system. Texas weather and heat brings many challenges to the maintenance and care of your commercial roof. The combination of high heat and high humidity can take a toll on your commercial roof. Roofing materials can expand and weaken over time, creating cracks and separation in seams. The constant expansion and contraction can put stress and wear on your roof. Seams can split and fasteners can pop out of place. This can have a long term effect on the stability of your roofing system. Another hazard on your commercial roof is the buildup of moisture. Most commercial AC units are on the roof and can allow moisture build up.

The best prevention is to have regular maintenance checks from one of Walton Roofing’s certified roofing technicians. With an inspection you will be made aware of any trouble spots, roof leaks or future problems. A roof inspection can address the situation before it becomes a bigger problem. To receive a no obligation assessment, call Walton Roofing today at 713-674-9777 or schedule a free consultation at www.waltonroofing.com/contact.